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In 2011, D.M. Crossman & Son Inc. General Contracting owner Larry Crossman, purchased a painting company in 2011 as an opportunity to expand. Today, the company has transformed to have a modern dynamic and was renamed to REVIVE Painting & Finishing. REVIVE is run by Larry's daughter, Lauren. We provide color coaching and design expertise working with you every step of the way to ensure your vision gets applied to the surface. Delivering quality painting service for over two decades, we are a licensed and fully insured painting company providing professional commercial and residential painting service.


At REVIVE Painting & Finishing, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We aim to get and KEEP customers. By focusing on the customer, we are able to earn respect and build long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and complete customer satisfaction. We deliver quality craftsmanship, operate with timeliness, and offer top quality painting and finishing services at a price you can afford. 


We believe in the importance of communication throughout the whole project. We start with a face-to-face meeting to provide you with a quality and honest on-site estimation. We then listen to your goals to make sure we achieve what you have in mind. The preparation process is a very crucial step in our process. Before we begin, we protect your home from paint spills and dust exposure. We have a critical attention to detail, making sure the job gets done right the first time by repairing any potential problems. Preparing the surface through repairing, power-washing or cleaning will ensure our quality Benjamin Moore products give you long lasting satisfaction by holding to the surface and displaying a pristine finish. Every step of the process is monitored by our project manager, leading up to a final inspection that ensures the project is held to the highest possible standards and results. 


"Having an idea in mind but unsure about the complete end goal, REVIVE helped me choose a design that appealed to my taste and my wallet."


"A great family run business!"

"I thought that I was stuck with the color of my vinyl siding forever. Looking quite outdated compared to my neighbors, I needed to keep up. REVIVE painted our siding and it looks brand new. They increased our home's curb appeal for sure! Our home has been revived!"

"My living room, dining room and kitchen have been totally revived! It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Thanks REVIVE!"

"One quality touch that stuck out to me was the cleanliness of their company. Starting right at the front door, they wear shoe protectors to minimize dirt carried in from the outside. At the end, they cleaned, swept, and mopped up any mess"

"My home looks happy now!"

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